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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Marvelous Designer 3 Enterprise Crack Free Download

Marvelous Designer 3 portable crack free download

Download Marvelous Designer 3 Enterprise 1.3 Crack Software Full Version

Marvelous Designer 3 Enterprise 1.3 (32 bit)
SIZE: 185 MB

What's new in version []
- [Fixed] [mac] The path is set to 'null' when reading path including Japanese and Korean.
- [Fixed] [mac] 10001 error occurs while installing mac version when non-ascii characters are used in the installation path.
- [Fixed] The width and height values of texture transformation of a fabric file made before version is not loaded correctly on version after
- [Improved] The code has been changed to enable toggling the 'Spec Sheet Widget' to be shown on the only 'SPEC mode'.
- [Fixed] The 'Undo' function doesn't work when doing 'Flip Texture Horizontally' and then putting another texture image.

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